About Us

Pur’Nam, your unique and fashionable active wear for men and women, made in Mauritius, with love.

Designed to fit you like a second skin, the Pur’Nam collection invites you to make a fashion statement in and out of the gym, be your own best and inspire those around you.

From Pilates to yoga, from kickboxing to dancing, or while enjoying a coffee amongst friends, your Pur’Nam outfit will soon become part of your wardrobe essentials for locally sourced sports and casual wear.


Who we are

The name Pur’Nam is derived from the Mauritian Creole “Nam Pur”, - “pure soul” -, while in Sanskrit, Purnam refers to the unchanging perfection of the source of our life, the essence of our existence and the purity of our clear awareness.

Perfection, wholeness and fullness.


In Pur’Nam, we believe that collaboration, innovation and mutual support are the only paths to a sustainable world and lifestyle for all.

Therefore, Pur’Nam aims at supporting Mauritian entities through sourcing of products and services from local entrepreneurs, artisans, textile and dyeing factory, label manufacturers, serigraphy as well as local artists and creators such as illustrators, designers, copywriters, and so on.

Our products are proudly generated from the passion and ‘Savoir-faire' of this blend of pure souls, to create a unique, and state-of-the-art Mauritian creation.